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Eliminating Barriers FOR ALL

We are a non-profit organization based out of Nanaimo, B.C that designs and implements adaptive and inclusive outdoor recreation programs that enable all people the opportunity to actively participate in outdoor recreation. Research has shown the immense impact time spent in our natural surroundings has on our overall health and well-being, however, many individuals find themselves at a massive disadvantage when attempting to access trails and enroll in various outdoor recreation programs.

We are here to change the standard in accessible outdoor recreation by eliminating barriers and providing quality supportive programs; we are continually evolving and growing alongside our participants.

Universally Designed OUTDOOR PROGRAMS

Through our outstanding universally designed outdoor recreation activities Far Out Recreation Society strives to enhance the quality of life for all individuals within our community.

Our programs are inclusive to families and close friends, facilitating and empowering a diverse community.

Access to the GREAT OUTDOORS

Our vision is to be an integral part of creating a future where we can all freely access the great outdoors, pursuing and creating our own local adventures on  Vancouver Island, BC.

Our Values: Respect / Integrity / Authenticity / Community / Adventure / Compassion
Individual & Group

Outdoor Programs

It is with your continued support and donations that we are able to provide quality, supportive programming for the children, youth and adults within our community. We eliminate barriers, financial, physical, cognitive and social, ensuring that access to the outdoors is limitless; outdoor recreation is FOR EVERYONE.

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We hold regular day hikes ranging in distance and levels throughout the Nanaimo area; our programs incorporate the use of a TrailRider. Connect with some amazing individuals out on the trails!
*In addition to the program activities, you can rent a TrailRider for your own self-directed hike anywhere.


Come out and enjoy the water, explore movement and the environment. Kayaking can be adapted to accommodate a wide range of abilities. Our kayaks can also be fitted with pontoons to help stabilize.
*In addition to the program activities, our double kayaks are available for rental.

Expressive Arts

A program that incorporates a combination of dance, writing, visual arts, drama, music and other creative outlets; in other words, anything goes. Together let’s express ourselves and celebrate one another for the wonderful unique individuals that we are!





Smiles &

Adapted Fitness

Adapted fitness programs provide individuals with a supportive safe environment to exercise and work towards personalized goals. Personal training is also available.

Adapted Yoga

Adapted yoga offers a safe, calm environment for people with barriers to practice meditative breathing and movement.

Multiple Sports

The multiple sports program provides the opportunity to be active and have fun in a safe and supportive environment. Participants will enjoy a range of activities to get moving and build fundamental movement skills.

WITH YOUR HELP WE are able to

Provide quality, supportive programming for ALL